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HR Services

Human Resource functions are a necessary part of the operations of the company,

HR Services offers a cost-effective way to address this needs. 

Our professional consultant provides HR solutions for startups and growth stage companies.

HR Support

Full range of HR services includes:

  • Managed Payroll and CPF payment 

  • Managed Leave and claim 

  • Preparation of Forms IR8A and Tax

  • Work Pass Management 

  • Manage employee data and documents

  • Generate employment contract and new hire documents

  • Monitor probation and confirmation status

  • Generate HR document for employees

  • Assist employee onboarding

  • Conduct employee exit interviews and provide feedback 

  • Performance Management Programme

    • ​Prepare and guide employers on appraisal process 

    • Prepare and conduct employee satisfaction survey 

HR Advisory and Compliance 

We provide valuable HR Consultancy advice for all size of companies with innovative HR Experience. Benefit from in-depth advice on best practices and Singapore employment regulations. With the regulatory environment growing more complicated, it's good to know that you are in compliance with legislation. With the rapid changes in the Government regulations to deal with the current pandemic, there are many policies and schemes that will impact your organisation. Our HR professional to provide you with clear and uncomplicated advice on all HR enquiries for a fixed monthly retainer fee.


  • HR Compliance Review 

  • Review company policies in area of recruitment, onboarding, career progression and internal transfer

  • Payroll Health Check

  • Review of Personal Data Protection policy 

  • Review of employee handbook and align with company policy with local employment laws and practice, employee responsibilities and benefit schemes  

  • Skills gap-analysis, planning for learning & development

  • Yearly Salary Benchmarking Report 

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