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Colleagues in Hallway

Recruitment services

JuhlerGroup Asia partnered with our sister company -

TEMP-TEAM & Juhler Professionals to provide recruitment services. 

We are certified recruitment agency in Singapore (EA Licence No. 01C3135) with more than 20 years 

industrial experience. We employs a three-way approach to ensure that we find the right staff for our clients. 
Careful selection is made based on personal interviews, checking references and consideration of their client’s culture to ensure that selected candidates best fit into their organisation. 

Temporary Placement

Get an extra employee without committing to permanent employment. This is ideal in case of unexpected absenteeism or a sudden increase in workload. You avoid employing more people than you actually need.

You only pay per hour
By taking on a temporary worker, you only pay for the hours that the person works. You can get workers for just one day or a longer period of time – it is completely up to you.


We take care of all requirements
We will help with your daily and seasonal requirements, whether your need is one person for one day - or an entire team for a long-term project.


All temps are checked and interviewed
To ensure both a skill and personality match, all of our temporary workers are thoroughly interviewed, reference checked and appropriately tested, before you meet them.

Please contact us at if you would like to know more detailed information.

Permanent Placement

With Us, you will discover an efficient, trouble-free selection process. We take care of the whole recruitment process, right from the initial search, and you are only presented with relevant candidates. 

Your company culture matters 
Our job is to find people who not only have the right skills and experience, but work well together as well. We focus on finding someone to match your company culture and therefore consider each candidate’s personal attributes, too. 

Get access to our candidate database 
We have personnel available now in most disciplines. Through our extensive database and our network of offices, we offer you a wide selection of applicants. This makes you reach candidates from a much broader field. If necessary, we search for candidates online or through any other relevant media. 

Please contact us at if you would like to know more detailed information. 

Executive Search and Selection

Our team of dedicated consultants is ready to match up your professional profile with a specific industry in the right environment and culture. Your opportunities lie within a comprehensive range of industries.

Culture and Chemistry
The right candidate is someone who matches your company culturally with competence, character and chemistry. We take understanding on your organisational goal, structure, management style and values seriously to deliver Solid and Reliable Talent Referrals.

Quality Solutions with Great Speed
We never compromise on Quality and Speed. With our proven Recruiting Methodologies, Talent Pipeline and Well-Defined Tools, you will get Quality services with passion and professionalism - swiftest speed guaranteed!

Return on Investment
Ensure that your recruitment costs and time are utilized and returned effectively on finding and recruiting suitable candidates for your business growth and sustainability - Juhler Professionals is here to work with you!

Please contact us at if you would like to know more detailed information.

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